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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fuqua club-elections

So, only 6 months down with my FY and we're already fully fully entrenched in everything - I'm running for co-presidential elections of INDUS - S.Asia MBA Club; creating a platform, giving a pitch presentation, presenting our agenda for next year, and dreaming of what I'll achieve as Co-president - the politics has already set in. Lets see, results will be out next week. 

Fuqua R1 admits have already started becoming active - excellent! I guess some R2 applicants are hearing of interview invites nowadays - if any of you requires any advice, pls feel free to reach out or drop a message.

I'm sacrificing some study time for Operations & Inventory Management as I'm typing this - but couldn't resist the temptation to update with my little blurb about running for elections :)



Elizabeth Dark said...

I'm running, too! It's very stressful, isn't it?? I kind of thought I was done with all of this....Good luck to you!



Clear Admit c/o Caroline said...

Dear Choc Heaven,

As you may know, you were recently nominated in Clear Admit's annual Best of Blogging competition. Congratulations! To receive your ballot and cast your vote, please email 'bob' 'at' clearadmit 'dot' com.