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Friday, January 22, 2010

Term 3 at Fuqua! Woo hoo!

I guess my track record at blogging hasn't been too regular...My last post was in November :( Wow, when I was applying to b-schools, I promised (myself) to be more regular so that fellow blogger readers could get more updated info on b-school life.. Sadly, b-school life is well, ever-engulfing. It takes you by in a swirl, makes you dizzy, until you realise the term's almost over.

And so today's the second day of Term 3. Half of my first year at Fuqua has flown by. Already. Wow, it has been super quick.

So, yes, the internship search is still going on. I relaxed for my term break - a whole 5 weeks. Quite generous I have to say. Perhaps I relaxed a bit too much.. But anyway, its back to spinning wheel once more :) 

Thank goodness Durham's less cold now. By the way - international students - if you thought Durham won't get cold because its in the South, think again. It definitely gets cold ...but then again, I am ever grateful I'm not studying in Chicago or NY - that cold is unbearable (for me at least).

So, again, Term 3. My courses for this term are: Operations Management, Market Intelligence (one of Fuqua's most prized and popular courses), GATE course in Latin America and Effective Advocacy. Interesting. 

I've also signed up for Junior Achievement (www.ja.org) - every week, I am going to train kindergarten / 1st grade students at a local school on how to develop business skills :) Now that's called an early MBA education! Seems fun nevertheless!

For all my Fuqua-applied-and-waiting-desperately-for-the-result-bloggers, relax! You've earned a great break..Hope for the best, and enjoy the time till b-school starts!



snipertrader said...

How bad is the situation for intl as far as internships and job hunt goes ? From the vibe i get, its not that bad as 6m back but its not good either.

Choc Heaven said...

it's definitely better than last year (or so I hear) - internationals are getting some good opportunities from on-campus recruiting; however many will still have to find from off-campus search.

Amit said...

I am quite interesting in this topic hope you will elaborate more on it in future posts.

nisha said...

This is an excellent thought provoking post.