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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Ever since i got done with the writing part i.e. ESSAYS of the MBA apps, ive started feeling so free! its like i have lots of time at my hands to do all i wanted to do when sacrificing time for the mba process... ah it sure does feel good having some free time!
here's some of the stuff ive re-started / indulged in since Jan:
-Reading a lot of books
- catching up on my long list of movies.. speaking of which, what did fellow bloggers think of slumdog millionare and curious case of benjamin button? i really do get why both have been nominated for best movie.. my bet's on slumdog millionaire!
- swimming! aahh what ayy life :) its the most relaxing activity
-gym-ing: this is how my waiting-for-decision-frustration is taken out!
- baking: new recipes, lots of time, good fun..
-...and lastly, work...sigh going to office seems so hard every morning..what is it about winters that just deem sinking into a warm quilt the best thing to do...

:) so thats one way of spending the time until waiting for the MBA decisions!


Anonymous said...

Yup for a change, lets discuss movies! Benjamin Button tries hard, but then this year there isn't much competition for SM. That said, I've got mixed feelings for SM, though hope it wins the Oscar!

Choc Heaven said...

me too - hoping it (slumdog) wins the oscars! i thought the main guy, the guy dev patel acted really well , esp for a new comer..

Starwalker said...

some people are calling benj button the 'curious case of forrest gump', citing similarities in their plots. what do you think?

TienyChesney said...

Hello Choc!

Thanks for the comment- I only learned of your blog today! Good luck with the waiting, it's difficult but you seem to have a good list of activities to pass the time. Where are you from? I know you're outside the U.S. If you find yourself in NYC or DC, maybe you can try teaching me to swim one last time haha.