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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fuqua interview experience

Had my interview with a Fuqua alumni today.. lasted about 40 mins.. overall, was pretty much what I was expecting.. no big surprise questions...

The usual stuff.. Why MBA, Why x school, Why finance (thats what i want to do), How has your experience been working at x and x firms, how did you find a change in work culture between x and x (i switched to a new place recently). what kind of a role do you take in teams, tell about a time when you faced a conflict, how will you contribute to Fuqua, if your friends were to describe you in 3 sentences, what would they say..

Some interesting questions i remember are.. if you had a free day to spend, how would you spend it.. outlook for financial industry in the next 12 months, what was the last book you read and what did you like about it :)

My advice to any prospective Fuqua applicants is to know thyself - know your strengths and weaknesses.. re-read your essays, application, resume.. read up on past interview experiences on Clear Admit and Accepted.. it really helps!

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Omne said...

Good recap, I had a similar interview albeit in person and on campus. Welcome to the world of MBA blogging!