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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fuqua club-elections

So, only 6 months down with my FY and we're already fully fully entrenched in everything - I'm running for co-presidential elections of INDUS - S.Asia MBA Club; creating a platform, giving a pitch presentation, presenting our agenda for next year, and dreaming of what I'll achieve as Co-president - the politics has already set in. Lets see, results will be out next week. 

Fuqua R1 admits have already started becoming active - excellent! I guess some R2 applicants are hearing of interview invites nowadays - if any of you requires any advice, pls feel free to reach out or drop a message.

I'm sacrificing some study time for Operations & Inventory Management as I'm typing this - but couldn't resist the temptation to update with my little blurb about running for elections :)