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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fuqua finally!

Just wanted to let you know (provided I still have blogger readers :)) i'm still alive, and very much living through orientation O-week... not just that, but i'm loving it so far!! The past 2 days (orientation is 3 days long, so we have had the first 2 so far), have been crazy, fun, hectic, partying, and well, even more hectic. it's really been amazing - my initial thoughts on Fuqua, Team Fuqua, the resources, the expectations, and what orientation has to offer are to follow soon ( i promise!).

I'm surviving on 4 hours of sleep per night (for the past 2 nights), so it's difficult writing all my initial thoughts right now! Hoping to put forth something in a few days (or once i get a good nap), on this blog! 
Stay posted, and Fuqua rocks :)


Amardeep Dabass said...

Congratulations on starting your term. 2 yr MBA should work out much better than 1 year one. Enjoy your school!

Anonymous said...

So, what the Fuqua is going on with you lately, and where the Fuqua have you been?

Is Fuqua and it's city proving to be all you imagined?

Choc Heaven said...

hahah your use of "Fuqua" makes me think you might be a Fuqua student too? Fuqua has been crazy hectic! I keep thinking I need to update my blog, and I have so much to write, but just ot enough hours in the day... hopefully soon. So far, so good. Lack of sleep, high adrenaline, and tough accounting class (urgh) - but definitely going good till now...

Anonymous said...

Haven't studied at Duke, but use the (excellent) campus and libraries regularly, and know some faculty and campus police there.

Glad to hear you are enjoying your adventure and the area.

You bring up an interesting question on accounting: Are the accounting models you are learning, relevant outside of the US? Is there now an international method in use? I'd be really interested to know.

Looking forward to your next blog entry.

Andrew (can't ever seem to log in to show my google account ID, hence being 'anonymous')