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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Long distance Apartment-hunting...

So finally I won't be sleeping off the pavement in Durham :) I decided on an apartment and submitted the holding fees! Phew - what a relief! Honestly, the pre-apartment research was grueling (and might i mention a bit stressful). Here's why :

Majority of Fuqua students live off-campus. Apparently Durham is not really a city you can explore by foot - you do need a car to get around. So I weighed the options - the standard apartment complexes 8 minutes drive from campus, or the pricey complex within walking distance, but known as party central? Anyway despite being not able to attend the Blue Devil Admit Weekend, and do the apartment tour they had that day, I feel like I already know what it would look like. The magic word - the Internet.

The 2 or 3 areas I had shortlisted, provided me with complete information such as amenities available, 3D views of the rooms, floor plans etc. The Facebook group for the incoming students has also been pretty useful as seniors have given their thoughts / experiences on the apartments as well.

I'm all set now - decided on a roommate, exchanged a few emails with her to see if our living habits would match, and seems pretty good till now :) So now that I know i'll be staying somewhere for my Fuqua days, I feel like i'm finally going.

I do plan on cooking a bit (provided there is time), perhaps on alternate weekends or something.. I don't know. however, i've decided to refresh some of the recipes i'll be needing the most and the ones which I know i'll miss the most!


Omne said...

Bring comfort food recipes and things that are easy to cook and keep well in the fridge. That's my advice!

Anonymous said...

What would happen to your addiction to baking ?

Choc Heaven said...

hahah lets hope the baking survives the MBA :P

movers Nebraska said...

My little brother will be entering college next year and like me, he will be pursuing his course in a university in the city. Yes, it is still a long way before that happens but I am actually searching for a decent place for him at this time. Well, as they say, you learn from past experiences and definitely, I do not want to have another grueling and stressful apartment hunting like I once had five years ago! Anyway, this post of yours is interesting. Keep on sharing!