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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cornell Johnson Interview..

So get this.. Johnson's results are announced on March 18th (i think), and they are apparently interviewing up til March 17th! wow! anyway so I was just notified last week of an interview invite, and I scheduled it.. here's a re-cap:

I had my Johnson (Cornell) interview last night, which lasted for 40 minutes. It was on the phone with an ad-com representative, and was a blind interview. The questions were pretty routine:

-Why MBA, why now, what are your post-MBA plans
- Discussion on your career to date, what roles you have had, skills learned etc
- example of a time when you had a conflict in team and how you reacted to it
- example of a leadership situation - where you had to convince a colleague or team about something they disagreed with
- Why Cornell.. this I feel is the most important aspect for Johnson. They really want to see how motivated you are to attend Johnson, whether you'll be a good fit, and whether you actually have an idea of what they prize themselves on
- What 3 adjectives would I use to describe you to the Admissions committee 
-What student clubs are you interested in
- What Immersion Program will you join
- Any questions for me

Basically, I spoke to a few friends who are current MBA students / alums before my interview, and also got a feel from them regarding the community, culture, opportunities, Cornell's strengths etc. Made sure to mention this in the interview, and the ad-com person was quite happy to hear that I actually knew people studying there.. I think they really want you to know as much about the school as you can at this stage.. 
A few points I think any Cornell prospective should consider discussing are:
-it's extremely collegial, small, collaborative community. average class size is roughly 260 only, so you know everyone on campus. you don't feel lost.
- Strength of immersion programs
- Cornell connections - you benefit from overall Cornell University's resources, curriculum, activities etc.
- Brand name
- Strong alumni network

:) Good luck to other prospectives!

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